Monday, April 4, 2016

Drill Sergeant Approved!

[Disclaimer: I received these products for free to review and to chat about via word of mouth; I also receive points for activities.]

[This review was written before the review that I just posted.]

[I got another free Gillette razor to sample, and for spreading word of mouth. Here is my review.] I give this a conditional 5 stars: I can get a close shave, but with the understanding that it is difficult to do it quickly.

In the Canadian Forces, we had to shave every day, or at least look like it. I was lucky enough to be able to shave the night before.

Just like the ProFusion, the ProShield helped my face to stay smooth for longer than 24 hours.

This time around, I shaved on 1 side, with the ProShield. Since I participated in the ProFusion campaign, I decided to compare both, so I shaved with the ProFusion on the other side. It was quite hard to tell the difference. I couldn't tell if the ProFusion was getting blunt, or if I was just eager to try to go quickly. The ProShield did seem to glide really well.

In all cases, I found that if I went slowly, I could shave closer without hurting myself. This time around, I also tried the standard techniques, instead of doing it my own way. This time, I washed my face first, and then I applied shaving cream to half of my face, and then shaved there. I shaved with the grain at the beginning, and then for the close shave, I shaved against.

Normally, I would just go against the grain until I couldn't get any closer without hurting myself, but this time for the close shaving I decided to grip the hairs with the razors, and then pull away from the face to not shave any skin. This worked really well, until I started hurrying up. I intend to post another review, will try to cover 2 shave sessions at once.

For the next shave session, I intend to switch sides, using the same razors. I also intend to wash half of my face at a time, so that each side is freshly moist at the beginning of each shave.

For the shave session after that, I intend to divide the shave into thirds, and then save the neck and under the chin for the last third.

If any of you are awesome at shaving, then I'd love to read your thoughts.

The end. Thank you for reading!

Cut through all that hair with ease!

[Disclaimer: I received these products for free to review and to chat about via word of mouth; I also receive points for activities.]

I am impressed with how well the new Gillette Fusion ® ProShield™ Manual Razor with Flexball™ Technology cuts through all the hair, and how close it can get. With a blunt razor, I expect it to tug at my hair, and cut my skin. The flimsy low quality razors tend to be like that, too. I find that the Gillette Fusion products seem to cut through my thick coarse sparse facial hair like a new knife cutting through thin fabric: you could definitely still feel the resistance, but it feels stress free, and safe.

Before I started the Fusion campaigns, I was really hesitant to wet shave, because I typically would get a sore raw face after shaving. I think that the main reason for the bad shaving experiences in the past comes from bad shaving techniques.

I tested out the recommended techniques from Gillette, and everything seemed to be okay. I even tested the techniques on the old razors that I have, and I feel much better. The improved techniques don't make the quality of the Gillette products look worse, though. They clearly allow us to do much better.

As cliche as this sounds: Gillette is a name that I have come to trust.

The end. Thank you for reading!