GNUstep to XCode

As of May 6, 2012, you should not need to read this anymore. Kubuntu 10.04 seems to install Gorm and ProjectCenter okay. I do not know for sure. I am unable to properly compile anything. I will leave it up, just in case. This is up to date as of July 23, 2010.

I started off, only knowing how to program in C [and a few other languages], and using Kubuntu 10.04 [which is similar to Ubuntu 10.04] on my desktop & laptop computers. This page will give you all the information that I gathered for installing and fixing GNUstep, ProjectCenter and Gorm. Eventually, I hope to take you up to the point, where you can start looking for other information for programming the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

All of the information that I gathered is available on the internet for free, or is from my own experience.

Feel free to ask any questions by commenting below. If that doesn't work, then feel free to search for me on the internet, and then use other means to contact me.

Relevant Links

Installing GNUstep, Gorm & Project Center

According to a couple of web sites, these are the 7 packages that you must install.

  • ProjectCenter
  • Gorm
  • gnustep-make
  • gnustep-base
  • gnustep-gui
  • gnustep-back
  • gnustep-devel

It turns out that some of the GNUstep packages are dependencies of Gorm, or dependencies of dependencies, etc., so Kubuntu users just need to install Project Center & Gorm, and then gnustep-devel, and the other GNUstep packages will automatically install.

Fixing gnustep-devel In Kubuntu 10.04

I couldn't find Gorm, so I gladly took a cue from an Ubuntu user who had trouble as well: Fixing gnustep-devel in Ubuntu 10.04.

Unfortunately, he didn't provide enough specific information for me. I had to try 1 package, and then another. I ended up clicking on sid (unstable), then scrolling down, then clicking on "i386" [since it was for my i386 hardware], then selecting the site that was in my country, and then saving the file on my computer. From there, I installed Gorm from my desktop, and I was able to easily install gnustep-devel from KPackageKit.

I was able to test my installation by following these instructions: Building Your First Objective-C Program. I didn't need to follow step 4, because Kubuntu configured that part for me.

Fixing ProjectCenter & Gorm

I then tried to follow GNUstep development tools : a basic tutorial GNUstep development tools : a basic tutorial to confirm that I finally had all that I needed to begin programming with Objective-C and GNUstep. For the most part, I was able to follow along, just as the walk through said.

The first obstacle came when it said, Here is what you'll get once you've double-clicked the .gorm file.. I didn't get the blank window. To get the window, I had to double click on that window shaped icon in the bottom left corner of the image, that is surrounded by white.

The next obstacle came when it said this.

Using the Inspector you can change propreties of the components. Select a component. Select the Attributes panel of the Inspector, if not already selected. Scroll down to "setStringValue:" and click on it. You can then change the value. Don't forget to press "Enter" or to click OK once you've finished editing the value.

I couldn't find the list of attributes that we see in the image. I just edited the text in the actual widget.

The next obstacle came when I had to create a subclass. After selecting the Classes button, scroll left. After that, it was easy to find NSObject.

The next obstacle came when I needed to display the building panel. I couldn't find the button with the image of the blue box. It turns out that I had to click on the red screwdriver on the relevant panel, which opened up the building panel. I then had to click on another red screw driver, which looked exactly the same. In other words, both panels had the exact same red screw driver, and you click on 1 of them to open up the other panel, and then click on the other red screw driver to build the application.

I couldn't get the development environment to work without configuring. It seems that I have to run configuration scripts to ensure that my computer knows where the configuring makefiles are. Instead of running these scripts at boot time, I decided to run them only when I want to run the development environment. I opened up KDE Menu Editor for Kickoff Application Launcher, and went to Development>ProjectCenter. I changed the command from ProjectCenter to . /usr/share/GNUstep/Makefiles/; ProjectCenter. Gorm & ProjectCenter no longer have any error messages about missing files, such as these.

GNUmakefile:26: /Makefiles/common.make: No such file or directory,
GNUmakefile:137: /Makefiles/library.make: No such file or directory

If you had those errors, and if you did what I did to solve the problem, then shutdown ProjectCenter and Gorm, and then restart them, and then reload your project.

I also got another error message, but I am not clear on how I solved the problem. Perhaps I changed BOOL to VOID, or the other way around. I think that I had to refresh some kind of screen, or something. It was very unusual.