Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Same Sex Marriage: Laws Rejected In Maine

Here's a bit of news for those who are following the same sex issues: the voters in Maine rejected a law that permitted it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Thought On Tiffany Shepherd [aka Leah Lust]

I just realized that, unless Tiffany Shepherd [aka Leah Lust] lied, then she really was fired. If she was fired, then it isn't all that hard to be fired. I'm assuming that she worked in a public high school, and that she was part of a teacher's union.

It would be meaningful to see how many teachers have been fired in the US and Canada, and how hard it was. John Stossel made no effort to show us how many teachers were fired. He probably wasn't lying, but because he gave no hint, I suspect that he was hiding something that could have called to question his credibility.

Tiffany Shepherd [aka Leah Lust] Fired From Teaching Job [now doing porn videos]

I don't know how true the article is, but the topic is worth examining. Imagine what kinds of problems there would be, if she really was fired because of the photo of her in the bikni. According to John Stossel's reporting, pedophile teachers cannot be fired. So what made it so possible for her to be fired? If somebody did some investigative reporting, then this could be a real black mark on the teacher's union.

Thanksgiving Children's Crafts And Activities

These Thanksgiving activities should interest your children.
All of the links are family friendly, according to the little bit that I saw.

V Television Show Remake

It seems that they are remaking the show. I'm kind of sad about that, because I liked the original, but I'm also optimistic about it.

When they remade Battlestar Galactica, I didn't appreciate it, because I was and am still attached to the original. I think that they should have made a Battle Galactica spin off about the next generation. It could have taken place before they reached Earth.

That being said, V could use a reboot, but I always firm on the idea that should remakes should be renamed, so that it doesn't ruin the original series. They could just call it V For Visitors, or some such name. It doesn't have to be completely different. Giving it a slightly different name would show give credit where credit is due, and show respect to the original. People would like the version, either way, I'm sure.

X Window Still A Hot Debate Topic

I find it fascinating that people are still debating about X Window vs. other software out there.

Karate Kid Remake: Jakie Chan & Will Smith's Son

I just found out this morning that Jackie Chan will be staring in a remake of the classic movie, "The Karate Kid". I thought that that was kind of strange, because Mr. Chan is known for kung-fu and a Chinese accent. I'll be impressed if he can pull it off.

The Karate Kid Remake will not be released before Thanksgiving 2009, but it will be released before Thanksgiving 2010, though. :^) It's supposed to be released in June 2010.