Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Visited The Future Home Of The FVHRS

We are embarking on a momentous journey. The FVHRS is moving to a new home in Cloverdale, this year. It is no longer just a vision or a dream in the hearts of rail enthusiasts and civic politicians. It will soon be an established part of our community. Read the remainder of the blog entry for the details of my trip.

By building the new home that is near the heart of the town centre, but not in an intrusive way, the city will be building infrastructure that could last for generations. I feel that this will be a big part of our history. I feel that we need to capture all the details in text and pictures. Therefore, I went down there for an hour or so, and photographed the entire site, from many locations and many angles.

To see visit the future home, for yourself, click on the link to the visit the society's site, to find the relevant information.

If you are a professional photographer, and if you have an interest in capturing all of the information in picture, then contact me, so that we can work on this together.

I want to be there when any construction happens, so that people can look back at all the details.

After the new home opens, I hope to create a book. Stay tuned.

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