Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brought A Professional Photographer Onto Project

On Monday, Paul Jubenvill, of Jonas Lee Photography, and I, visited the future home of the FVHRS. Read the remainder of the blog entry for more information on Jonas Lee Photography, and an update on the progress at the site.

The city, or somebody else, has cleared off the plant life that needs to be out of the way, and has removed a lot of the trash. They also placed stakes through out the site to mark off what needs to be cleared.

My main focus of the meeting was to introduce Paul to the site and my vision. I also wanted some photos from him, because of his expertise and his better equipment, and because I wanted to capture the progress of the project.

I am becoming more optimistic about this project, because he seems excited about it, and because we will probably have some exclusive photos. In fact, we would not have them, if he had not come up with the idea in the first place.

As I mentioned to him, I do not think that we will make much money doing this, but it could open doors for us. In fact, I encourage you to check out Jonas Lee Photography's Facebook page, where there are sample photos. He is in Cloverdale, in Surrey, BC.

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