Saturday, October 13, 2012

Me, Suicide, Amanda Todd

I felt suicidal in 2010, and a good friend "made" me go for treatment. Good call!

With all this hype about Amanda Todd, you would think that I would be sympathetic towards her, but all of this only makes me want to scream and kill myself.

All of "you" seem like such heartless drones. I talking directly to the bullies and the people who think that they care.

To the bullies, I can't even understand you. If I was allowed to kill you, then I would look at it as a positive opportunity for growth. After all, we need to do something about it, and hopefully, we can become desensitized to the idea of defending ourselves and the community from abuse. I can understand a school fight or treating others badly, but there comes a time, when you need to just stopping following people around and belittling them. It's kind of hard for you to understand, isn't it?

That being said, I think that Amanda made out with somebody's boyfriend. She walked into that.

To the sympathizers, I can't understand you either. I understand that we don't want others to feel sad and we don't want others to kill themselves, but honestly, what do you really care? Did you do anything before hand? The good Samaritan was good, because he *did* something. It is amazing that with all of the time that we had as a community, nobody seemed to respond. The bullies found her everywhere she went. Why did you not find her? Perhaps finding her would be too invasive.

I think that we have stumbled onto the root of the problem. The "good" people don't want to do what it takes to protect the community. You guys are aligned with the bad guys, because the bad guys got what they wanted, and you guys were powerless to stop it.

If I recall correctly, when I was feeling suicidal, I often thought about what could anybody do to help me? The answer is "Nothing.". Perhaps you could talk me out of it, or point to a solution to my problems, but honestly, a brochure could do the same thing.

Doing nothing seems to be a part of the root of the problem, also. It's that dark underbelly of the beast that we don't want to look at. As a result, we try to ignore it. Instinctively, we know that we won't get what we want by ignoring it, so we try to solve our problems in another way. It's society's way of feeling better about its castration.

We certainly must punish the bullies, but why is there no mention about her parents? How did they raise her? She thought that she was safe flashing her boobs? I don't get it. I haven't looked into this story too much, but I don't recall anybody saying that she needed to be wiser about her privacy. Why was she even on Facebook anymore? Why is nobody saying that they learned from her mistakes about privacy?

I think that the people who made me the most angry are the people who believe that they are friends of Amanda, even though they never knew her. Liars. I can assure that if I killed myself, then people who don't know me showed me no friendship. It's not complex.

I also dislike people who don't support preventative maintenance. The world is a scary place. Why are you letting people believe that it's all butterflies and roses? If you really want to help people to protect their innocence, then you would be wise to train your kids and friends and their kids to recognize evil and to protect themselves.

This whole world of tolerance is what keeps the figurative doors unlocked in unsafe neighbourhoods, while safe neighbourhoods become the opposite. Thanks, tolerant people!

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