Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Strong Bond Of Morals And Faith

What attack on Christianity is coming down the pipe? On May 6th, Dr. Peter Boghossian gave a public lecture, called "Faith: Pretending to know things you don't know". The rest of my post is a warning to all devout Christians, with suggestions on how to react.

[DISCLAIMER: I only watched the introduction, and not the entire video; if he never said the things that I thought that he said, then my comments are a response to only people in general.]

According to this video introduction, *if* I understand correctly, non-Christians are seeking to separate morality and faith. If they can convince you that faith in God does not result in good morals, then you will have a huge challenge on your hands.

I think that some people, who claim to have faith, are no different that non-Christians. For some time, I have been accusing them of being non-Christians. No doubt these so called Christians will jump on the band wagon, and attack faithful people, saying, "Well, I won't accuse you of not having faith. In fact I sense that you have sincere faith. However, many very devout people have faith, and yet they are extremely immoral. How can you say that faith automatically results in good morals? Hitler said that he was a Christian.".

Look at it this way: is there a person in the Bible, who had good faith, yet had bad morals? I understand that we are not perfect, and I am not pointing fingers at people, who make the occasional mistake. However, have you ever seen somebody in the Bible, maintain a bad moral for an extended period of time? I suspect that the apostle Peter forever struggled with eating with gentiles, but I am confident that he also let that go. At the very least, we can say that his faith was not as strong as Paul's.

Things To Bear In Mind

  1. You could start out as an unwashed heathen, but true faith will play a part in helping God to make you a moral person; God is not done yet.
  2. When they judge, they judge you or God. They cannot use your imperfections as a measure of what faith is capable of, anymore than they can point to a elementary school student's lack of disertations, and question the quality of his education. Also, they cannot judge God's morals. Period. They can ask questions and learn, but they cannot call him to the carpet and demand an explanation.
  3. Strong and mature faith are clearly associated with obedience and trust in God, and his commandments, and therefore forming good morals.
  4. Next time, when an unwashed fool points out that Hitler claimed to be a Christian, say, "The heart is wicked and deceitful, and yet you still believed Hitler?? Don't worry, atheists seem to believe that kind stuff."

The end. Thank you for reading!

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