Friday, December 17, 2010

Honey Traps In Relationships

I read about women who are hired to catch men cheating by sleeping with them: The grandma and mum of four who is a £50k-a-year ‘honey trap’. There are guys who do the same to women. Read the remainder of the blog entry for my comments on the Biblical perspective.

It seems that there are 3 types of people involved: the honey trap, the relationship partner, and the hiring person.

In a sense, the only person who gets to leave with clean hands, is the hiring person. The hiring person only wanted to know what would happen, and never ordered the honey trap to force herself, or himself on the partner. Is that how God wants us to behave, though? I cannot authoritatively state either way, but essentially the hiring person is tempting the partner, and that seems very unbiblical. Both partners should be holding each other accountable and spurring 1 another on towards love and good deeds. On the other hand, how do you deal with it, if the partner is not cooperating in the relationship? What do you do, if you suspect that your partner is cheating? Alternative solutions would be a topic of another blog entry. Also, I could imagine somebody hiring a honey trap, even when there is no cheating, to tempt the partner, so that an upcoming divorce would be more favourable to the hiring person.

I do not have a lot to say about the partner, because the partner is a victim in a small sense only. If the partner only bothered to try to avoid flirting with danger, then the partner would not have sinned in that specific situation, and definitely would not have been caught. Ultimately, the real problem is in the lust of the heart. If the partner dealt with it with the hiring person, then there would be room for building up in the relationship.

The person that I hate the most in all of this is the honey trap, because the honey trap is literally sleeping around with partners in committed relationships. I know that many people do not have a problem with this, because the idea is that they are doing it only to prove that the partner is unfaithful. God said to not commit adultery. He did not command us to not enjoy it. If the only requirement were to not enjoy it, then we would be able to commit it, with the hopes of not enjoying it...which would be weird. I am sure that all of us could imagine some people rationalizing it in their minds, though.

This article reminded me of the woman caught in adultery, in the Bible. My Bible college teacher said that when Jesus wrote in the sand, he must have wrote out the law, regarding adultery. When people are caught committing adultery, then all people involved must be stoned. When they brought the woman to Jesus, they said that they caught her committing adultery, yet they only brought the woman. In other words, where is the man? I bet that the cheating man seduced a woman who did not get along with her husband, and the husband probably was at fault for marital conflict. In a moment of weakness, she gave in, and was caught by a honey trap. She was probably dragged out into the streets, to shame her.

The peculiar thing is that the religious leaders at the time should have strictly stuck to the adultery laws. That is what we expect of them, but I suspect what really happened was that they wanted permission to commit adultery. They probably believed that the Bible was too strict. Therefore when Jesus came on to the scene, and upheld the outlawing of adultery, and even lust, then the religious community probably tried to discredit him.

Things are always more complex than they appear.

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