Saturday, January 15, 2011

Business Opportunities: Passport Photos

If you are a professional photographer, then read the remainder of the blog entry to help you consider the business opportunity of creating passport photos.

This is exciting in my opinion, because it is important for photographers to get their names out, and creating a passport photo is a way to get paid to give them a sample of your service. Sampling is a powerful tool, because it makes it easier for people to remember you, and it habituates people to your product or service.

Another reason that I am excited about this, is that you can offer something that other photographers do not have: your location. Your location is more convenient for the people around you, than the other locations.

If you are technically inclined, you could try to create a way to take baby photos more easily, since small babies cannot sit up on their own.

If you are sold on the idea, then check out the passport photo standards, which seem very consistent. As you gain passport photo experience, it will get easier and easier.

If you want to announce your service through advertisement, then I recommend printing out a simple ad from your computer, where the largest text says, "Passport Photos For $10, Near 123 Ave & 123 St", without quotes, and then distributing it to the homes and businesses in your neighbourhood. Obviously, you would change the price to what you want, and change the streets to the main streets near your place of business. Underneath it, you can mention your contact information and other services. Remember to use Craig's List,, and other web sites.

Be sure to let me know how it works for you.


  1. you're right -- even though one could hardly make a living from this, it might bring you some customers. for myself with passport, i don't even dream of visiting a neighborhood photographer -- i just stop at london drugs on the way there. they print the photo so quickly and cut it to size, put it in the envelope, and i'm on my way. i don't even know if my printer would do a good enough job. !? i do always enjoy reading your ideas.

  2. So, you'd take the photos, and then bring them to London Drugs to get them developed?

    I'm glad that I like them. For some reason, it is easier to come with ideas for you, than it is for me.

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