Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Forget "Earning Your Way Into Heaven"

I am currently listening to some Christian debates on YouTube. It seems that Christians have the tendency to avoid claiming that good people will go to hell.

As it is, non-Christians have the tendency to believe that many people out there are good, and that good people are entitled to heaven, if heaven exists. As it is, Christians believe that we are disqualified from heaven, because we are sinful, and that we only get to heaven by the blood of Christ and repentance, etc. The idea is that everybody believes 1 of those 2 things, and everybody already knows that the other person believes it. Therefore, why argue about it? I think that everybody's time could be better spent if we move on.

I think Christians tend to avoid saying that good people go to hell, because it seems like such an insensitive thing. It would be like telling your sweet old grandmother whom you love so much that she is filthy. Who would want to do that?

If they want to hear us say it to make us look bad, then say it, and then move on. This is a discussion of morals, and not a visit to a seniors home or a funeral.

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  1. Yes. These important topics are only addressed when we shed our avoidance of difficult discussions. Such a discussion will ultimately concludes with Jesus Christ as righteous, and so there is nothing ugly about it after all.