Friday, January 28, 2011

Group Purchase Sites Not Automatically Recommended For Business

Some of you might recall that I recommended Groupon, Wagjag, and other group purchase sites, for advertising, as well as purchasing goods and services. However I may have been a bit hasty. Read the remainder of the blog entry for an updated view, and for links for more reading.

First of all, you do not need to sign up with either of those sites. You could get notifications of their offers through news feeds, so that you could maintain control, and so that you could protect your email addresses. The first site that I am aware of is The web site makes no mention of Canadian cities, but I just checked, and I see a few Canadian cities. The second site that I am aware of is I subscribe to both of their news feeds, and no longer receive email from any special deal sites.

Another thing to consider is that these deals are better than gift certificates. Often times these expiry dates are 6 - 12 months away, and they give great discounts, whereas gift certificates give no discounts and still may expire. We gave our parents restaurant gift certificates for Christmas, and they expired around Jan 23. Frankly, I find that short time offensive.

Go to these pages for more information on how it may or may not be beneficial.

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