Monday, January 24, 2011

iTalkBB For Internet Phone Service

A while ago, my brother decided to switch to internet phone service [i.e. VOIP]. At first, he tried to go with Shaw, since he was getting cable service and internet service from them. Unfortunately, he did not get that working, so he tried iTalkBB. He loved it so much that he managed to convince us to get it. Read the remainder of the blog entry for my thoughts on the service.

You can also read the update.

I can honestly say, without a doubt, that I have been very happy with the service. We managed to get the home phone number transferred without any problems. For us, VOIP was a huge step forward, because we never used to have call display. That came included. It is hard to believe that our package costs about $10 CAD, per month, including tax.

The company sent us a special modem, that connects to an Ethernet port, and to an ordinary land line phone. I cannot remember all of the details of the setup, but setting up seemed rather pain free.

They give you a local phone number to start, so that people can start calling you right away. If you are doing this for your business, and if your business is new, then you do not need to worry about transferring phone numbers.

If you want to travel, then definitely bring the special modem with you, because you can plug it into the internet connection at your destination, and then make calls to your home calling area, with no extra charges. For example, I live in Surrey, BC, and if I want to travel to China, then I could bring it with me, then plug the device in, and make free local calls to Surrey, BC.

A cool feature is the ability to call any iTalkBB customer anywhere in the world, without any long distance charges.

Be sure to check out their other features and tips.


  1. i'm glad it's working well for you! can you find english instead of korean or chinese on their website? is the audio clear? paul

  2. It's very clear. I keep forgetting that it's internet phone.

    Yes, there is a link at the right hand side. It's about half way down the window, not half way down the page. It's right about level with Yao Ming's shoulder.