Sunday, August 8, 2010

Announcements: I Added HTML

If you've been having trouble reading through a blog entry, because the paragraphs were not displayed, then you are probably 1 of the people that will want to take another look, since it should be easier to read, now.

The remainder of this blog entry explains why the problem happened in the first place, and how I solved it for most of the blog entries.

When I first started writing in this blog, I didn't use HTML, because the system didn't require it. As I became a little bit more demanding of's layout, I decided to use HTML, so that my blog entries would be more accessible. I wanted browsers to naturally lay out my blog entries better, without me specifying every detail.

Unfortunately, many of the blog entries got displayed as 1 single paragraph. I've fixed some of the more popular entries by adding the proper paragraph element to the paragraphs. I've yet to go through all of the old entries, but the more popular entries should be standards compliant now.

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