Thursday, August 26, 2010

Article: "Vancouver parking spaces will be transformed into parks"

It seems that people are trying to do something fun and clever to make a point: Vancouver parking spaces will be transformed into parks. In the remainder of the blog entry, I write about my impressions and ideas.

At first, I thought that the idea was great, because I thought that they were writing about tearing up parking lots, and then converting them to park space. When I read the first little bit of the article, I began to think that the idea was crazy, because I wouldn't want to spend time sitting in a small parking space. After I read a lot more, I began to think that the idea has merit, because it seems to actually make sense. They basically want to make a point, and have us look at the spaces from a different perspective.

My favourite bit is about the Vancouver counselor who wants to do something with her parking space. Perhaps, she could find a way of creating semipermanent storage, with advertising on it. Perhaps she could let kids set up a lemonade stand. Perhaps she could set up a small garden. I think that the garden would be nice, because it could add some temporary ground cover. It would beautify the place. I'd consider it a breath of fresh air.

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