Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Article: Gain Perspective On Innovation And On A Quarrel

Here is a great blog entry on how to balance 2 views, to bring about progress: a field guide to transit quarrels.

Even though the blog entry is applied to transit, it is clearly applicable to all forms of innovation, whether that be church ministry, innovation in business, or just growing your activity club.


  1. i appreciated the distinction between "hot" motivations and practical. a view to balance is then obviously beneficial, and an important focus.

    i suspect the model might be more usefully presented as two spectrums instead of one -- a spectrum for each variable: emotion/vision, and practicality/science.

    obviously, it's possible to be emotionally hot about a solution that is also highly practical and proven. it is also possible to be impersonal and pragmatic about a solution that is stupid and impractical.

    thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Paul. You're welcome. Thanks for the response.

    I agree that it is possible to be hot about a solution that is practical and proven, but I think that it is impossible to be pragmatic about an impractical solution. I do think that it is possible to be impersonal and cold about a stupid and impractial idea, though. Do you have any examples? I think bureaucracy might fit that description.