Thursday, August 12, 2010

Videos: State Of Masulism Is Encouraging

My friend, Jack Day, of, in Vancouver shared with me these 3 videos.

We shouldn't break open the champaign, yet, but I'm encouraged by them, because the end seems to be near, for the feminists. Hopefully, we won't push the pendulum too far. Until then, we have to remember that women have too many rights.

For now, I'm going to be optimistic, as if we have already won, yet, fight as if the war is almost over.


  1. Hey guys, Jack Day here from I would just like to thank Eugene for the rub, and to remind you all… You should know there are movements going on today you may not be aware of.

    If you often find yourself prone to complaining (as I see so many of you do), about issues such as relationships with women, marriage/ divorce, sex, cowardice advertising on TV, bias media, reclaiming men’s identity and masculinity, fathers rights issues, changing laws, sociological and government ideologies. – To name just a few.

    There are now many platforms of which you can be a great part of, and the many changes going on. And they are, Lots of them!

    Take a look around you will likely be surprised!!!

  2. I find your comments on masculism fairly insulting. I don't pretend to know God's mind wen it comes to the sexes here on Earth, but I do know that my loving saviour doesn't rage campaigns against people as you seem to be doing. No wonder the Church is experiencing lower and lower numbers.
    I'm surprised at your naivete and disrespect towards women in this way, your sister in Christ. I might have agreed with you up until now, but now that I see what litle respect you two have for women, I don't blame them for speaking out against you. Put yourself in their shoes and try a little compassion, not arrogance. I think you guys need to spend a little more time on your knees.

  3. Hi Frank.

    Thanks for your feedback and comment.

    I suppose that things can look quite grim for the women, when you look at the unfortunate stories in the news.

    Unfortunately, men do not seem to be getting the needed support from the judiciary and educational institutions. Maybe you and I can find common ground there.

    I certainly do not want women to be treated unjustly. Hopefully, we won't push the pendulum too far. Until then, we have to remember that women have too many rights.

  4. Hi there Eugene,

    I appreciate the chance to post here despite my opposition to your opinions.

    I think you are missing my point. My point is if you think radical feminism is bad so is radical masculineness. I got to your page by accident the other day but I took a turn around and saw that you're a Christian man. This came to me as a surprise because of some of your comments.

    I would guess you aren't married and don't have too many female friends seeing as how your response is so ruthless. It's not sad stories--it's facts. The females still don't earn as much as their male counterparts and still experience much prejudice.

    And as to their rights, I disagree. From a religious point of view but also from a sociological one. The fact of the matter is white, middle and upper class men are still largely control the world.

    No one chooses to born looking a certain way so I find it a little arrogant that you are so quick to condemn half of society.

    I don't think you are correct, respectful or well-researched and I doubt it would make you very many friends with females.

    That being said, my wife's a wonderful and bighearted woman and I'd be ashamed to repeat what you've said here to her because she doesn't deserve any of that, and neither do my two daughters. If you have an issue with an individual or a specific group, by all means call them out. But I think you're wasting your time with that guy.


  5. Hi Frank. I'm to have people use my blog for discussion. Thanks for taking time to interact.

    I know what you're basically getting at. I'm curious, though. Do you describe yourself as a feminist, masculist, both, or what? I realize that we don't like to be labeled, but I don't grasp the perspective that you are coming from.

    As far as extremism and radicalism go, I try to let the facts dictate my perspective, as opposed to how close to the middle I am. I know that that is not what you are saying, but being a radical doesn't turn me off. I allow the women that freedom. I use "radical" as a way of referring to them, not as a judgmental word.

    If you feel that I have been hypocritical, then let me know. I'll check it again.

    According to a YouTube video [and we know how reliable they are ;^P], men also suffer more than women. In other words, men are highly represented at both ends of the bell curve. I think that it is the nature of our societies. I looked up statistics on deaths at the Stats Canada web site to confirm this.

    Regarding pay, a video said that men are willing to travel more, and work longer hours.