Monday, October 4, 2010

Cheap [Free Or Almost Free] Tongue Scraper

I have come to believe that a tongue scraper is an important part of our regular oral hygiene, because it helps to scrape off the germs. If this interests you, then keep reading for a suggestion on how to get the benefits, without the costs of the high tech solutions on the market.

I recommend a plastic knife. It is cheap, disposable, and if you have it, then you probably made use of it already, so it is getting better use.

Let me tell you about the parts of the knife, so that you can know what I am describing, when I describe how I use the knife as a tongue scraper. If I were to examine a cross section of the blade, then I would see that it is in a T-shape. The top horizontal part of the T is what I use to scrape. Let me call this edge the scraping edge. The bottom edge is the business sharp end, which I know to be safe, because I already gently used the sharp end on my tongue, but I tend to avoid it, just in case. Let me call this edge the leading edge.

I hold the handle, and lift the leading edge off the tongue for safety. The scraping edge of the knife is gently dug into the tongue to remove as much as possible, and then passively dragged across the tongue. The good thing about the scraping edge is that you could turn the knife over and drag in the opposite direction, because the top part of the T has 2 ends. If you do not understand, then just let me know.

Every time I scrape it, I remove a whole bunch of slime that looks like phlegm. I think that you will also be surprised at just how much you left behind on your tongue.

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