Friday, October 15, 2010

Ontario Court Rules On Niqab [Muslim Veil]

I just read an interesting article about wearing the niqab. I personally believe that we do not need to give that religious freedom to them, and I would even argue that it is morally wrong to cover up a face in many circumstances. That being said, I think that Justice David Doherty wrote an interesting quote about the sincerity of person with respect to his religious beliefs. If you are into religion and politics, then read the remainder of the blog entry for the quote and my opinion.

A court cannot, however, reason that because a person has made exceptions to her religious beliefs in the past, or perhaps has simply failed to follow her religious beliefs in the past, that her present assertion of those beliefs is not sincere.

I totally agree with him on that. People criticize Christianity so much for our failings. We are not perfect. We hold higher standards than what we are capable of achieving, because anything less than high standards would allow sin to take place. It is bad enough as it is.

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