Friday, October 29, 2010

Pop-Up Stores: Useful For Small Temporary Retail Businesses

Some of you might have great ideas on what and how to sell. Read the remainder of the blog entry to see some links that might help you test ideas at lower price.

According to Wikipedia, pop-up retail, also known as a pop-up store (pop-up shop in the UK), is the trend of opening short-term sales spaces also chimes in on the emerging trend.

Hanging Out at a Mall for the Holidays talks about how a store is being used to market to consumers in a mall, as opposed to selling to them. I think that it is a way for consumers to get up close, relax, and interact. It could almost double as a third place.

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  1. that's interesting! never heard of it. i wonder how well it works with services, as opposed to products?

  2. I wish I were an expert, so that I could know.

    At Scottsdale Centre, there is a real estate booth in the middle of the hall way. I also remember seeing a photography display, showing family portraits [I think that the photographer ended up moving into an actual shop in Central City]. According to Scottsdale Centre's web site, short term leases are available.

    Also, Central City Shopping Centre offers people the use of a cart. I'm sure that you could bring your own display. They have a lot of blank walls there. I bet that you could set up that white sheet to demonstrate your skills.

    Central City already has a store to take photos, though.

    Perhaps you could use that Groupon thing to offer a profile photo or passport photo, so that it will cover the cost of using a mall.

    I'm curious about this, so I'd be willing to volunteer my time, for a day.

  3. I forgot to mention, that I have some kind of a small portable counter for a booth. It's almost like a podium/lecturn. I would have to open it up and look at it again, but it was meant for conventions, expos, booths, etc. You'd are welcome to use it.

  4. You could also go to flea markets. From what I recall, there are at least 2 of them in Surrey.