Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grecian Formula Update [end of week 7]

I noticed this week, that my hair does start to darken consistently, but it still washes out. I tend to apply more of it these days, just to see if it might soak in better.

I checked the instructions again, and it seems that I missed a few things. Read the remainder of the blog entry for more information.

It seems that we are supposed to use a comb to work it through the hair better. I doubt that this applies to me, because I really rub it in, and I also have short hair.

They claim that we are supposed to get healthier looking hair that is more manageable. I have found that to be the case from my own experiences. I could apply it before I leave the home, and the hair will tend to stay in place. It is almost as if it is like a natural hair gel or spray. For that purpose, I highly recommend Grecian Formula 16.

I also noticed that we are supposed to have really dry hair. Perhaps it would have been better for me to blow dry my hair on a regular basis, because I have very oily hair. It probably would make me feel better, too, because I hate oily hair.

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