Monday, October 18, 2010

Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution: Banana Designs

Ray Comfort claimed that a common banana is evidence of God's design, and then apologized for his misunderstanding. I am not phrasing it exactly as it was said, so you have to see it for yourselves. After you have looked at what he has said, read the remainder of the blog entry for my commentary on his statements.

The first issue that I would like to comment on is the part about the tab at the top. That is actually the bottom of the banana. The banana grows up, and when people eat it as he does, then they have flipped it over. I suppose that a tab for an object could be made on the bottom of the object during manufacturing, but I think that we tend to do a disservice to ourselves when our communications are not technically correct.

Also, look at the way that he holds his banana. That is not the way that I hold it. It is not the way that people with big hands hold it. It is not the way that people with small hands hold it. Can somebody really claim that a banana is ergonomically correct, when there is such variation on how to hold it?

Also, if eating the first few bites is so ergonomically correct, then what happens when you eat past the curve of the banana? The remainder would be ergonomically incorrect? What does that say?

The truth is that fruit is such a natural thing, that there really is not a need for ergonomics. In other words, we are not dealing with high tech stuff. There are no repetitive strain injuries that occur when eating fruit. There are no performance issues with eating fruit. There might be with hot dog eating contests, or cooking food, but eating fruit? Therefore, there is no need for ergonomics.

Please bear in mind that I support his overall intent of showing intelligent design. I just wish that he would be careful with his claims and his own beliefs.

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