Monday, September 8, 2014

Dish Pit Update: Small Progress?

I was pretty excited to find a short or 2, so I shared my progress with my Facebook friends. The rest of my post tells you all.

Hi all.

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. I don't believe in the superstition of sending positive vibes, but even typing into a Facebook text box that you are sending positive vibes can really encourage me, since it shows that you are in my corner and cheering for me. As for prayers, that's even better!

Last night, I did fairly well. I got a tip on what were the priority dishes, due to the menu specials. That helped me to trim the top off of the dish stacks.

I was able to focus, and push that dish washing machine a little harder. I also managed to eliminate a bit of down time by finding things to do every time a certain situation came up.

An important thing that I learned on my own was to spray the side of each stack of dishes. No matter how busy things got, and no matter how easy or how hard the challenge looked, I needed to take time out to spray the sides of the stacks, so that the dishes had chances to soak.

A couple of times, people offered to help, but I managed to politely keep them away for a while, while I kept at it. It's hard to know for sure, but I'm quite certain that I managed to keep things going during a fairly busy rush. I've been on my own during some rushes, but they seemed to not be very busy, or the dishes might have gotten the best of me. This really seems to be a milestone. That being said, we can never know until I go through a lot of repetitions.

Thanks again!

The end. Thank you for reading!

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