Monday, September 8, 2014

Dish Pit Update: First Impressions

I shared this with my Facebook friends, just after the first week of work, in July 2014. It is mostly positive news. The rest of my post tells you all.

Hi all. Thanks for caring about me. I think that I owe you an update.

About a week and a half ago, I got a new mostly-full-time job. I feel like I owe you the brutal truth: I'm a dishwasher in a brewery pub.

The pay should cover all my bills and then some. They give out a free full meal each shift; worth about $16. For those of you who know me: the size of these meals are about the most that I can eat, but I can also split it up into 2 adequate meals, which means not cooking 2 meals. For me, I measure everything in how much I can avoid cooking.

The job usually results in promotions to various cook positions. It's just a matter of sticking it out until whenever things happen.

The people there are so unusually respectful, and friendly. For the first couple of days, I was surprised by how many people introduced themselves out of the blue.

I was also stumped by what some people were saying, because they were so polite, and because I can't hear well, and because I can't hear over the noise. They were saying, "Eugene, may I?". I never heard of such a phrase before. They say that to get my attention. They say that to each other, too.

They are so unbelievably polite. They make requests and not demands, and anything that we do properly is regarded as a favour, which means that we get thanked. Frankly, I love fulfilling their requests, because it just adds to the adrenaline rush, and it gives us something to interact over.

There are no egos. I walked in and saw the head chef, who is also a manager, at the dish machine. I was surprised, so I watched for a bit. It turns out that he was working the machine. I even asked him, and then he just nodded and chuckled.

My only complaints are with the way that people don't seem to care about cross contamination or quality. I do my best to counter that, but there is not much that I can do.

An interesting thing that happened all ready: they got me to train a new guy. He said that he liked my training better than somebody else's, and I find that encouraging, because to me, teaching isn't just a skill. How I teach is a reflection of the values that I hold. That somebody else was said to be the fastest dishwasher in the kitchen, so if I can teach better, then that really says something. Of course, it was just the new guy's opinion, but still.

The work can be interesting at times, but at the end of the day, I feel like I ought to be doing other things, so you can imagine how demoralized I might be. However, in another part of my mind, I think that I ought to be here, because I really do need to be around some nice straight forward people for a while, where we don't play those egotistical social status games.

Take care.

The end. Thank you for reading!

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