Monday, July 12, 2010

America And Its Right To Bear Arms

I think that everybody has a right to bear arms. There is a bit of a discussion on on the right to bear arms, and how it relates to murder rates. Keep reading to see my response.

What would you say about America, if they removed the right to bear arms, and then the murder rate shot up from 42.8 / 1,000,000 to 200 / 1,000,000? I'd really like you to think through it, and then share your thoughts with me. I don't think that it is fair to compare them the way that you did.

Also, in places with Sharia law, most deaths are most likely attributed to natural deaths, deaths due to holy wars, and justice. If I want to kill you, and I have a law to protect me, then it won't be attributed to murder. This goes the same way in other countries. I've nothing against blacks and whites, but I do want to use them just for the sake of illustration. If a white master kills a black slave, then do you think that it would be murder, *legally* speaking? Legally speaking, it probably won't be, but you and I can look in with a clearer mind, and say that it murder, pragmatically speaking.

Also, another thing to bear in mind is how we deal with dead bodies that are unaccounted for. If a body turned up in a river, then would it first be classified as a murder, an accident, or what? I wouldn't be surprised if some cultures would just assume that it might have been just an accident, while others might initially classify it as murder.

You gave disclaimers for those statistics, and I respect that, but I think that you shouldn't have brought those into the discussion. They just cloud the issue.

Said with sincerity and thanks.

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