Monday, July 12, 2010

Labels [a.k.a keywords] Are Available In 2 Places

I finally discovered that there were no keywords for you to click on. Sorry!

I figured out that I could list the labels in several different ways. Instead of doing it just once, I listed them twice.

The first way is at the top of the right column, at the time of writing. It lists only the most commonly used labels that are used more than once, and this list doesn't include, "misc". The idea is that any label that is used only once doesn't deserve your attention. The same goes for "misc". "misc" is used for topics that I will probably only write about once. The other labels that I wrote about only once are topics that I will probably write about again in the future. I hope that that clarifies things a bit.

That being said, the other list is at the bottom of the right column, at the time of writing. In this list, I listed all the tags, in alphabetical order.

I encourage you to click on "templates", because I sense that many of you are unaware of all the other blog entries that I have regarding ODF templates.

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