Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fixing ProjectCenter & Gorm

I finally compiled my first program in ProjectCenter and Gorm. Read about it in GNUstep to XCode.

I'll include the walk through for the dealing with the compile errors in the remainder of the blog entry, but the other walk through details will be mentioned in the above links.

I couldn't get the development environment to work without configuring. It seems that I have to run configuration scripts to ensure that my computer knows where the configuring makefiles are. Instead of running these scripts at boot time, I decided to run them only when I want to run the development environment. I opened up KDE Menu Editor for Kickoff Application Launcher, and went to Development>ProjectCenter. I changed the command from ProjectCenter to . /usr/share/GNUstep/Makefiles/; ProjectCenter. Gorm & ProjectCenter no longer have any error messages about missing files, such as these.

GNUmakefile:26: /Makefiles/common.make: No such file or directory,
GNUmakefile:137: /Makefiles/library.make: No such file or directory

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