Friday, July 2, 2010

Unusual Linux Distributions

An interesting artcle came up on, the other day. It presented 12 Linux Distributions.

12 of the most interesting, unusual and useful Linux distros

After reading their article, read the rest of this blog entry to see my favourites of the 12.

I'm not in the market for a new distribution, because I'm quite satisfied with Kubuntu on my desktop and laptop, but these 4 caught my attention.
I think that Ubuntu Christian Edition will be a great outreach to the Christian community. They'll probably want the relevant applications that Ubuntu Christian Edition offers, and then somebody can offer Linux as a solution. It's a very positive thing for the Linux community, because Christian ministers will take it with them, and offer it to their followers.

I foresee a future version that has language translation tools. Many missionaries are specifically trained and focused on doing language surveys and various other tasks that are related to Bible translation. A distribution for them will allow them to update software, and standardize on it, which is probably what they need.

I think that Musix meets the needs of the media community, because media sharing is becoming more and more common on the internet. Major news outlets are sharing their own videos on common internet sites. As people get used to recording and uploading, they'll want good software to do something with the images. Many people want to gather their own news and share it with the internet community. Up and coming performers will want to share their art. Churches may want to upload special presentations. Musix can help in all of these areas.

Tiny Core Linux gets a special mention because it is so small. At 10 MB, you could fit it onto almost any computer, and it still comes with a GUI. You do not need a GUI? They even offer a 6MB version, which comes without it.

Linux is becoming more and more accessible to various communities. I believe that there is a bright future ahead. If you cannot find a distribution to meet your needs, then maybe the Linux community can help. If not, then maybe it is only a matter of time.

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