Friday, July 2, 2010

Home Entertainment Has Bright Future, As HDMI Might Be Phased Out While HDBaseT Is To Be Phased In

Another interesting article came up. I think that you ought to know about this because it has to do with consumer electronics and standards. That means that if you are currently considering a purchase, then you might want to wait a short while, to consider buying home entertainment equipment with this new standard, to give you better value for your money.

TV business kisses HDMI goodbye

Read the rest of this blog entry for a couple of highlights, and a possible reason why you might not want it.

This idea is designed by several companies, so it isn't just 1 company that will try to muscle its way into the industry, and push the others out.

This new design will allow for longer cables, which means that you can hide equipment from sight, or further away, if you'd like.

Be care of scams. At the bottom of the article, it says, "Keep a look-out for gold-plated ethernet cables costing £200 in rip-off electronics shops in the near future.".

Another warning that I read about was somebody taking this new cable and connecting it to a computer. That would damage the computer quite severely, because more electricity would flow through this connection than a regular network connection.

Overall, I do recommend it, because this new design is supposed to provide networking capabilities. You'll probably want to use it, so that you can watch movies, news, documentaries, and programs; all from the internet. I think that it would be very safe to use, as long as you label each end of the cable, and use only 1 colour cable for this connection. For labeling, I recommend something like, "Game Console: Wii", and/or "DVR". I'd choose another colour for computers.

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