Thursday, November 25, 2010

Grecian Formula Update [end of week 12]

I started using Grecian Formula 16 again, but on only a couple of spots, since I do not have much of it left. Read the remainder of the blog entries for the details.

Before showering, Thursday morning, I took a good look and noticed how shiny white my hair is. I am firmly convinced that it did make big a difference, but that it was hard to tell how well it worked, because it changed so slowly.

I think that I will probably continue to use it, if I can get some good shampoo for my hair. If I cannot get some good shampoo, then I might still use it. I do not know.

On Tuesday, I tried to take a good look, since I had been using it for several days. I was not sure if there was a difference or not. It did not seem to be as shiny, but it still seemed very grey.

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