Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Groupon Is Good For Advertising

For those of you who have a business, I encourage you to check out Groupon. Read the remainder of the blog entry for my opinion and the disclaimers.

I do not get credit, points, money, royalties, or recognition for recommending this. It is just my opinion and concern that motivates me.

I like Groupon, because you do not pay, unless people buy your service or products. That makes the upfront cost virtually risk free, other than the time it takes to work with them.

The cost of the campaign is a percentage of each of your customer purchases. Another thing to think about is that they only send out 1 or 2 advertisements to each local area, per day, which means that the odds of getting your ad out are not automatic. The second advertisement is really just a small note of another deal near the main business being advertised.

To get a better understanding of how the service works, sign up for their mailing list. If I recall correctly, I signed up, without giving private information, at first, and then gave them my private information, when I wanted a membership.

I hope that helps.

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