Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Use Craig's List To Promote Your Business

Read the remainder of my blog entry for 4 tips on how to make the best use of Craig's List.

Notice that I did not write "advertise" in the title. This is because you can use Craig's List to announce changes or positive milestones that are related to your business. Just choose general news, or local news.

Also, you could do the obvious thing, and post your service in the specific service sub-section.

Another idea is to use the volunteer section to get some volunteers to do some work for you. If you can find a great benefit for other people to do some of your tasks, then you could get a volunteer to do it for you. As it is, some students are required to do volunteer work and get credit for it, so if the opportunity that you offer meets those standards, then you should have a free labour resource. As a more specific example, maybe you need somebody to carry some of your equipment to your next contract job. If you are not pressed for time, then you could teach him a few tricks of the trade, in return. He might even be able to help you complete your contract early. I would suggest also offering a reference letter. Brainstorm more ideas for things that you could offer.

Lastly, you can liquidate your inventory, in the "for sale" section. This is great for when you are interested in selling certain products, but unsure of how well they will sell. You could minimize financial risk, by figuring out how well they might sell on Craig's List. It might be better to lose $5/$10, instead of letting the $10 item collect dust in your basement.


  1. hi eugene -- these are some great ideas .. thank you again for sharing.