Friday, November 19, 2010

Using iPad With Kubuntu

I wanted to start using my iPad, which I won back in September [or perhaps another month], but I unpleasantly discovered that Apple requires us to install iTunes. Of course, with Linux, this is impossible, as of the time of writing this. Read the remainder of the blog entry on how to get Kubuntu to work with you Apple mobile device.

I have read a page that says that we can install Wine, to try to get iTunes running, but I would rather avoid that, if I can. I also discovered that we can just take it into an Apple store, to get them to set it up. We would then need to bring it home, and start using libimobiledevice. libimobiledevice is available for Ubuntu [Karmic and Lucid].

I just went to check that KPackageKit has it available, and oddly enough, it already is installed on my desktop computer. I will not try to connect on my desktop, because the USB port is at the back, and that is inconvenient to reach.

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