Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to Count to 60 on Two Hands

Go to this page to learn how to use 1 hand to count to 12, instead of 5.


  1. hi, thanks for sharing! when i was a kid i stumbled on a system that went to 9, where one hand held the 1's (fingers) and 5 (thumb), and the other held the 10's (fingers) along with 50 (thumb). When all digits are down, you have 99. :)

  2. You're welcome.

    I learned of this, during an online discussion, where somebody said that God messed up, by giving us only 10 fingers. He thought that God should have given us 12, so that we would have created a base 12 numbering system. Somebody responded, and showed us that page, which implies that God did not mess up. It was us who chose to count fingers instead of finger segments.

    Have you heard of the binary technique, where every finger is a 1 or a 0? 5 fingers up would be 31. Combining both hands would give us a 10 bit number.

    God is good, eh?