Friday, November 26, 2010

WagJag Is Also Good For Advertising

My regular readers probably remember a previous blog entry about Groupon. It seems that Groupon has a competitor on the market: WagJag. Read the remainder of the blog entry for my comparison, commentary, and disclaimers.

I do not get credit, points, money, royalties, or recognition for recommending this. It is just my opinion and concern that motivates me.

From a brief look on the FAQ page, they seem to have the same benefits and restrictions.

WagJag is the same as Groupon, in that you do not pay for their advertising, unless people buy your service or products. That makes the upfront cost virtually risk free, other than the time it takes to work with them.

WagJag has not provided a lot of details about the pricing structure. I assume that the cost of the campaign to the service provider is a percentage of each of your customer purchases. I have not received any emails yet, at the time of writing, but they probaby only send out 1 or 2 advertisements to each local area, per day, which means that the odds of getting your ad out are not automatic.

To get a better understanding of how the service works, sign up for their mailing list. I signed up, without giving private information, at first.

I think that they are good Groupon competitors, because there are many businesses out there, that could benefit from this advertising form, but Groupon cannot handle all of them. Because Groupon only advertises 1 new business per day per city, the odds are that your competitors will end up getting the advertising opportunity. WagJag helps to meet the market demand for more advertising by taking on the clients that did not get picked by Groupon.

I could be wrong, but there may be more businesses like this. I will keep you updated.

I hope that helps.


  1. has Launched this past week in Halton, Ontario. They really do offer some fantastic local deals. In retrospect, WagJag seems to suffer from bloated customer service... still no contact number? there are many sites in toronto.. However,in burlington, oakville and Milton.. I prefer to look at and share their popularity.

  2. That site is quite amazing, in my opinion, because it only focuses on that region. I think that it might actually have better deals. Another thing that I like about it is the way that they have RSS feeds. I just discovered that Groupon has RSS feeds for my area, but WagJag does not.

  3. these deal sites are raking in the doe! lol

    how can we get in on the action.
    i want to buy a page on their site. just like offers to entrepreneurs