Thursday, June 17, 2010

Commentary: Subway Accuses Sandwich Artist Of Thievery & Fires Her

This is sad. A woman got fired when she gave away a couple of 6" subs. According to the first article, she gave away her daily entitlement, but forgot to record it.
I think that the honour system is best. The boss should have been more understanding. He could look at the records to confirm whether she took her entitlement. If she didn't, then he could have accounted for it that way. This works well, if she literally lost a sandwich or forgot to get somebody to pay. He could just account for it as her daily entitlement.

I like my idea, because behaviourly responsible people get more choices and freedom, and people who are authoritatively responsible for the products are the people who gain and lose. The idea is that this honour system would pass the responsibility down as far as possible.

The opposite of this honour system is that the manager comes in and watches them every moment, and/or performs an inventory check every day, and goes ballistic when something goes wrong, even if it is all legitimate.

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