Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Bad News About BP's Oil Spill

Newsweek has a good article about problems beneath the surface of the Gulf Of Mexico, regarding the Deep Horizon oil spill: What the Spill Will Kill. It seems that the news just gets worse and worse. In this situation, it seems that we face serious problems if we do something or if we don't.

BP should be the people to clean this up, and they should pay for it, completely. They won't do much of either.

At times like this, people moan about capitalism, and the free market. These problems aren't results of capitalism or the free market. It's a result of "the tragedy of the commons".  The "tragedy of the commons" is what happens when a certain resource is consumed and/or destroyed, but nobody has the responsibility to replenish.

Nobody should support oil drilling in the US, because there is no will to prevent serious problems, nor is there any will to really clean it up.

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