Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fixing gnustep-devel In Kubuntu 10.04, And Building My First Objective-C Program

Update: I moved the text that was here to GNUstep to XCode. I will keep all of my information there, so that everything will be in 1 place. Watch this journal for updates.

Keep reading this blog entry for the highlights of the walk through that used to be here.

I started off with Kubuntu 10.04 and tried to install gnustep-devel, so that I could practise Objective-C. I wanted to practise this, so that I could practise programming for the iPhone, before I got a hold of any Mac hardware and software.

The first obstacle that I ran into was gnustep not installing. To solve that problem, I ended up clicking on sid (unstable), then scrolling down, then clicking on "i386" [since it was for my i386 hardware], then selecting the site that was in my country, and then saving the file on my computer. From there, I installed Gorm from my desktop, and I was able to easily install gnustep-devel from KPackageKit.

I was able to test my installation by following these instructions: Building Your First Objective-C Program. I didn't need to follow step 4, because Kubuntu configured that part for me.

Remember, go to GNUstep to XCode to follow the complete instructions, because you'll need to fix Gorm, as well.

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