Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ODF Template Update Notifications

[For those of you who don't know, I have uploaded many ODF templates to Templates.]

I try to create quality products, but I'm just a volunteer, so obviously, I don't always manage to release the templates at their best. Sometimes I discover new ways of doing things to improve the quality. Any time there are changes, I upload. For quite some time, it took me a while to figure out how to notify my followers that there are significant changes. Read the remainder of this blog entry to see how I now do it, and why I choose this, over other methods.

After that, be sure to check out that blog label, "templates", where you will find more discoveries on how to make use of templates.

I decided to use news feeds. It turns out that the templates site has news feeds for each of the categories and each of the tags [keywords].

To harness this wonderful feature, I just left an update in brackets in the subject line. You can see the effect, on this demonstration template, by looking at this news feed.

Other people have resorted to using the description area in the template properties, or comments section on the web site. I frown upon both methods, because they require us to load up the web pages of each template that we have an interest in, and then read through the description or comments section. Using a news feed encourages us to be concise, and also consumes less computer resources. Also, it's easy to forget which comment or description we read last time. Having a news feed gives us a record of what we last saw.

Ultimately, news feeds are perfect for updates, whereas descriptions and comments are disadvantageous.

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