Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thoughts On The Mac Mini

PCWorld has an article about the Mac Mini, and its title says it all.

New Mac Mini Guns For Your Living Room

I think that if they are really going to make a solid effort, then they are welcome to my living room. Read the remainder of the blog entry for what I think.
I notice that at this time, there is no common way of interacting with the media in our living room, /and/ computers, /and/ the internet at the same time. I think that the Mac Mini has that potential, just because of the hook ups at the back of the box. With many current laptops or desktop boxes, we have to buy a special connection to make it work, and even then it might not. If a product is built for and marketed towards the living room, then I think that we'll all be much happier with what we buy.

Here's the quote that I like the most, from the article.

What makes the new Mac mini a good choice for a living room computer is the new HDMI port at the back. You can connect it to any modern HDTV (video and audio are driven through the HDMI port), with resolutions up to 1080p (1920 by 1200 pixels).

My dad wants to learn how to program for Apple hardware, and has asked me to join in with him. I'm a bit nervous, because they use a lot of object oriented programming, I believe. Also I don't like to commit myself to new things these days. I just want to stay with something that I'm good at, and work it, until I become financially stable. I do have high hopes, though, because I can program quite well.

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