Friday, June 4, 2010

End Times, Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill & The Guatemala Sink Hole

I like to think about the end times, so I'd like to share my beliefs and the 2 events.

The reason that the 2 events reminded me of the end times, is because the oil spill seems to be big enough to kill off a third of the oceans, and the sink hole looks like some fantasy type of entrance to an abyss. I believe that the oil spill may not be as bad as I just said, and that the hole is just a hole, but they both do stir up imagery.

The end times will be characterized by adversity and big disasters. The disasters will also be characterized by unusualness. I don't think either of the 2 events are tied to a specific end time prophesy, but it does kind of fit the overall pattern. In other words, prophetic events aren't going to happen just out of the blue. There will be non-prophetic events that warm up to the phophetic events. For example, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill will affect the local economies and government policy, which will affect prices, which will affect the way that the oil companies do business. Every time there is a big problem, there is policy change. Every time there is policy change, there are opportunities for governments to move closer to the end times by grasping more power.

The anti-Christ and his high priest are supposed to show up on the scene and provide a great solution to our problems. I'm expecting the anti-Christ to show up on the scene in about 15 years. I predict that he will be American [I have nothing against Americans; it's just that they seem to be the people who control the world], and will replace the presidency with a new role. I expect that he will be some kind of corporate overlord, with a business background. I admit that it is very crazy, but the overall trend in the USA is for corporate lobbyists to try to gain power by being appointed high level governement positions.

The book of the Revelation says that many kings, without kingdoms, will go out to rule. At the time, I thought that they would be catholic priests, or something similar, but with the current world events catholic priests tend to have so little influence, no matter what you believe about the issue. Appointed lobbyists do have influence, though. They don't really rule over any country or physical territory in the way that presidents, senators, and representatives do.

I'd like to comment a bit more on the BP oil spill. I truly believe that they had the technology and knowledge to fix the spill. I also believe that even if the spill were too complex to fix immediately, then they do at least have the technology and knowledge to have prevented it. It's absurd to think that other nations have policies in place to prevent this, but the US is destined to live through months of spills. Would an intelligent company allow its precious oil to be spilled just because it couldn't afford to prevent it? It's absolutely impossible. Obviously, preventing months of oil spilling wasn't worth while to them, just as pulling staples from paper before recycling probably isn't worth while to you. If I am right, then why would they want to allow or do it on purpose? My best guess is to scare people into overreacting. I suspect that somebody wants the public to lose faith in the current president, and prepare the way for somebody to come on the scene and offer a better solution. How else would the anti-Christ come on the scene, take complete power, and have such a high approval rating? Somebody having complete power in government goes against liberal, libertarian, conservative, Democrat, Libertarian, and Republican values. The only way for the anti-Christ to win over the United States is to make them lose confidence over the current type of administration.

I admit that it is very crazy.

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