Monday, June 21, 2010

Via Rail Summer Service During Potential Strike

I'm sad to read about a potential VIA Rail work stoppage, on June 28, 2010. Fortunately, it won't affect the entire network: "VIA services between Sudbury - White River (Ontario) and Victoria - Courtenay (British Columbia) are operated by a third party and will continue to operate as normal.".

This is important news for those who plan to travel with VIA Rail during the summer. I know that they already have offered Canadian Forces members and veterans the opportunity to travel.

Take note that VIA Préférence will be affected by this.
Keep reading for my opinion on the matter.

I am grateful that they have something in store for us, if problems do occur. It seems that they have been in negotiations since last year, and that the workers have been working despite their contract ending in December. It could be considered negative, in that they still haven't reached an agreement, but I think that that is a testament to Canadian work ethic, in that people are willing to keep trying. I think that only time will tell.

I am curious about the Sudbury - White River (Ontario) and Victoria - Courtenay (British Columbia) service. Since these routes aren't affected by such negotiations, I wonder if that could be used as leverage to gain more investment from the governments. In other words, this service would remain a bit more stable, so it might be worth investing in.

I just found out that the Island Corridor Foundation has a news feed, and therefore, I trust that they'll keep us updated on their route. Unfortunately, I don't know of any foundation for Sudbury - White River.

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