Thursday, June 24, 2010

How To Install ODF Templates

I was going to write about how to install ODF templates in, because I accidentally discovered that we can actually get them listed in the dialogs. It turns out that there already is a decent explanation: Adding Template Files to an Installation.

In the remainder of this blog entry, I share my experiences, and offer installation tips.

Afterwards, be sure to check out that blog label, "templates", where you will find more of my discoveries on how to make use of templates.

I personally don't like the default directories that are provided by If you like them, then just copy your templates into your preferred directory. If not, then I suggest that you follow the directions under, "To Add a Template Directory to an Installation". I was able to succeed, even though I avoided steps 7 and 8. I'm using 3.2.0, and I think that it is a bit buggy. I had to keep adding and removing a directory, in order to get it to work. Maybe I was just clicking the wrong button, or something. I know for certain that you can avoid steps 7 and 8, when using Kubuntu in a single user system.

A thing to remember is that the dialog, "Template Management", displays a default folder: "My Templates". This folder contains all the templates that are listed in the paths that you added in your options dialog. An interesting thing that I noticed is that if you add a folder and a subfolder as paths in that dialog, then you'll see 1 or more templates listed in "My Templates", as well as a subfolder, in "Template Management". It's probably easier to understand if you see for yourself. Just leave a comment, if you can't figure it out. The main point is that a template can be listed in 2 places in "Template Management".

You can test your installation, using the file menu, with 2 methods.

  • File > Templates > Organize
  • File > New > Templates and Documents


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