Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bible's View About End Times And About Increase In Wickedness

There have been a few unbelievers that claimed that we ought to be sinning more, if we really believe what we believe about the Bible. The Bible states that the increase in wickedness will correlate to us getting closer to the rapture. From a simplistic view point, the more we sin, the closer that day will be.

So, if we truly want to be raptured as soon as possible, then what stops us from sinning as much as possible? Read the remainder of the blog entry for my answer.

Let us start with 1 of the simpler concepts. God is unlimited in many things, but patience is not 1 of them. In the book of The Revelation, he uses symbols to illustrate this. He has a "bowl of wrath" to illustrate a limited potential amount of patience. In the illustration, he fills this bowl with grape juice, as we sin. For the sake of simplicity, we can imagine him filling it with 1 drop of grape juice, every time we sin. Another concept that we need to understand is that he intends to pour out his wrath on people for sinning.

Life is complex, sometimes we have to have more than 1 perspective for each kind of situation. In this case, although we do want him to pour out his wrath on people, and to punish sinners, we [i.e. both him and us] also would rather live in a perfect world, where there is no sin. In short, the ultimate goal is not to find an opportunity to use the bowl of wrath and its contents, but he will use them.

Think about it from a relationship point of view. Imagine that your dad is a cop, that you have moved out of the house, and that you are both on good terms. Do you really want him to pay you a visit so badly, that you are willing to provoke your neighbours to anger, so that they will call the cops on you? Your dad will probably still love you, but if he is fair, then he is going to arrest you or fine you, etc. Honestly, when he pours out his wrath, then you do want some of the punishment? Do you want your "come-upins"?

Think of the rapture in the same way. By sinning to bring him to you, you would be trying to bring him here on your schedule, not his. Also, you would be doing things that grieve him.

When God comes, it will be a day of rejoicing, only because we are looking on the positive side, not because of the ultimate reason for his coming.

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