Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Won An iPad

This past Tuesday, I went to a special event, and they held a draw. Read more for the details.

To thank me for being 1 of the highly valued Scotia iTRADE® customers, I was invited to a special customer appreciation event. They invited me to join them for a premiere screening of "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps". I enjoyed it, and I recommend that people watch it. I rate it, at 3/5 stars. I give 5 stars to movies that could become classics. I give 4 stars to very meaningful stories that make us think about the human condition, or are action packed, or both. It was interesting to see them build on the previous story, instead of trying to squash it. I think that Shia LaBoeuf, and all the other performers did a great job.

Before the movie started, they held a draw for an iPad. This draw came as a complete surprise to everybody, because it was unannounced. It was not even hinted about in the invitation. I think that it was very nice of them. I think that they did not announce it, because they wanted to thank the people for coming to see the movie, without being enticed any further.

The draw actually went on for quite a few moments, because they drew about 5-7 names of people who never showed up. They finally called my name, and then I said, "Hey! That's me!". I am kind of embarrassed, but I cannot blame myself, because the odds seem so unlikely, that it is a complete surprise.

I managed to make my way down, and then a few people congratulated me, which was nice. I hope that I was kind enough to reply, and say, "Thanks!", to them. I was just so distracted.

1 fellow offered to pay me $200 for it. I declined, and so he upped it to $300. I declined again. I do not really need the money now. I would rather play around with the technology, and see what happens.

They also offered a SIM card inside.

I honestly think that it was very kind of them to give this to me, because I was just happy to be there. They gave me a free movie pass, plus decent sizes [large?] of popcorn and of drink. In fact, I was just happy to be a customer of iTrade. To give me all these things was going beyond the call of duty. I promise that I am not a shill, and that I do not receive any rewards, compensations, or earnings for this blog entry. I do this to show thanks, and to pay them back a bit for their kindness.

You would think that I would have opened it up, by now, and started using the thing, but not yet. I am busy trying to finish off little things here and there, before I go to China.

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