Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finding Parts Of [area dialog; colour tab; colour palette folder; colour palette load button]

Apparently, 1 or more people were having trouble with using the colour palettes that I distributed. This blog entry is a tutorial on how to find these things that are related to colour palettes.

  • the Area dialog
  • the Color tab
  • your color palette folder
  • the Load button for your color palette

The area dialog can be loaded up by bringing up the context menu, and then selecting "Area". To do that, first, right-click on a shape. If you do not have a shape to click on, then just create an ordinary rectangle, and then right-click on it. Look for "Area". Select it.

Another way that the area dialog can be loaded up is by clicking on the area button on the tool bar, as shown by the first arrow in the image at the bottom of the blog entry.

The second arrow shows you the colour tab, within the Area dialog.

The third and fourth arrows show you the Load button and the Save button.

The circle shows me where my colour palette directory is. The directory will probably be different for you, and the window will appear to be different as well.

indicators of where the various buttons are

That should be all that you need to follow the instructions on using my colour palette.

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