Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Am Using Grecian Formula [that transparent liquid]

On, Wednesday, late afternoon, I decided to try some Grecian Formula. I found this appealing, because it is a clear liquid, which would be less likely to stain, and because it did not need to be used up each time, like other colouring products.

Bear in mind that at 1 time, they used to use lead in them. For Canada, I think that they no longer use lead. The best thing to do is just check the ingredients, and just avoid the lead.

Those of you who know me, probably know that I never intended to colour my hair, until now. In the remainder of the blog entry, I'll explain how the Bible influenced me both ways.

At first, I felt that I would choose a non-worldly way of living. In other words, I did not want to spend lots of money making myself look awesome. I wanted to be all natural. I will not quote any verses, because I feel that I do not have to. Christians are supposed to focus on holiness and obedience, and attaining wisdom, etc. We are not supposed to focus on looking awesome.

After much failure in relationships and life, in general, I basically cried out for a mentor. This particular fellow and I happened to cross paths. Many would call him a male chauvinist, but I think that he is on to something. 1 of the things that he mentioned was the need to colour my hair, which is also what my family mentioned. As he was talking, I began to think about how Jesus Christ says that when we fast, we should put oil on our faces, and try to look like we are not fasting. We are supposed to actively hide our fasting. Even as I type this, I recall the fact that God hides a lot of information from us, and I have no problems with...well, I prefer to have information and answers, but I have no argument with him regarding that. So, after he insisted that I do it, it dawned on me, that I really should hide my grey.

At 1 time, I began to believe that my grey hair was a result of attaining wisdom. The Bible says that the hoary head is a crown of glory when attained with wisdom. Now that I am older and a bit more well read, I am beginning to doubt whether I have any wisdom and understanding. Either way, the principle is the same: hide my grey hair. Hide it, if it is a coincidental biological defect, since I have no use for grey hair. Hide it, if it is a crown of glory, since I ought not show off my success.

It'll take about a week, before any results become noticeable. We'll see what happens.

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