Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mark Of The Beast And Biometric IDs

I like to pay a little bit of attention to privacy issues, regarding trade and business, because I think that the more we move towards a 1-world currency, and towards attaching our identification to our bodies, the closer we will get to the end times.

I read an article about biometric IDs being forced upon India's inhabitants. I began to wonder if this could be the mark of the beast. Read the remainder of the blog entry to see what I came up with.

If think that in the "olden" days, many believers used to think of the mark of the beast as a tattoo. There is always that possibility, because the Bible does not say anything specific about the type of technology. However, because of the improvements in RFID tags, and in various forms of technological identification, and because of the nature of trade, I think that it is safe to believe that the mark of the beast will involve a technology that is far more advanced than an ordinary tattoo or an ordinary branding.

Consider for a moment, that a mark is more than just an identification number. The mark is supposed to go on the back of the hand or the forehead. A mark is typically something visible. Historically, making a mark was the only way to make a mark.

Consider, also, the fact that the Bible speaks about people becoming experts at doing evil. That means they have skill at doing a particular activity. That also means that they will have a certain level of efficiency in performing that activity.

Therefore, it makes sense, that they would choose to be efficient in their attempts to enforce the mark of the beast, by using it for more than just technological identification.

RFID tags are typically "invisible", in the sense that they are small and are placed under the skin. If each of us must get a visible RFID tag implanted under the skin, then the evil doers will oppress us twice, with only 1 technology. The anti-Christ, the beast, and their high priest, are trying to wage war against believers, so it makes sense that they would choose to make life as difficult as possible for believers.

The visible tag will allow technology to track us, and allow supporters of the beast to place peer pressure on us. After all, if they do not see anything wrong with what they are doing, then they will have a tough time understanding why we would want to refrain from getting the mark just for "religious" reasons.

How does this apply to believers?

First of all, we should be uncomfortable with all forms of physically "tagging" people.

Secondly, we should not automatically assume that the current technology is going to be the technology that will be ultimately used. All these technologies are going to lead up to the ultimate mark of the beast, but these tagging technologies are not so bad.

Thirdly, if all that I say is correct, we should have an easier time keeping an eye out for when the mark will be enforced, so that we can prepare our lives for when we will not be allowed to trade.


  1. hi!

    there has always been lots of speculation.

    to add to the speculation (!) i have wondered if, given the possibility of Shariah law becoming more widespread, the 'mark' may be some indicator of our submission to Muslim law / doctrine. God willing, i will never submit to such -- if this is ever a requirement to buy / sell, then i will apparently starve unless God provides me with other sources.

    ever ready to offer my head to islam -- they can stop our hearts, but they cannot remove Christ - life in us.

    thanks again for your posts.

  2. Good point. 1 reason that Christians are so weak to the attack of the beast and his friends, is because we do not think about all the possibilities. Here I am, thinking about government and technology, but it could very well be stuff that pertains to Islam, which may not require a high-tech aspect.