Sunday, September 5, 2010

The First Few Chapters Of Genesis

I like the first few chapters of the book of Genesis, from the Bible, because they act as a go-to reference, for comparisons of a perfect life, and an imperfect life. Throughout our lives, we can ask so many questions about life in general. Our culture portrays those questions and answers as trivial, but I prefer to portray them as critical. I believe that it is important that we answer these questions correctly, and answer them early on in life.

Read the remainder of the blog for all the questions that I can think of off the top of my head, that can definitely be answered [or at least answered in a reasonable way].

  • Is work a punishment that is a result of the first sin?
  • Is innovation considered Biblical?
  • What does God think of technological progress?
  • Germs are considered bad, by many standards. Did germs exist before the first sin?
  • What is the most significant difference between people and the rest of the animals?
  • What is the difference between plants and animals?
  • Could God create a 100-ring tree in less than a day? How old would the tree be? 100 years old? Less than a year old?

I think that every Sunday, I'll take time to give what I consider to be a very reasonable answer to these questions.


  1. yes... genesis 1-3 allow us to make more sense of this world we live in than all the textbooks in the library.

    i'll add to this list the question of dinosaurs, noting that everything darwinists assert exists within a denial of the flood, which so apparently explains everything from fossils to the grand canyons.

    there is no particular reason to believe that all of the dinosaurs went extinct at the time of the flood. a couple post-flood scriptures reference potential dinosaurs.

    one important and excellent thing to remember about genesis 1-3: there was absolutely NO death before the fall -- of course, evolution for millions of years requires death to be true. this is the fundamental reason why Christians should not opt for one of the pseudo-evolution/creation theories -- they are not possible.

    thanks for sharing,

  2. Hi Paul. Thanks for your comment. I find your participation encouraging.

    Yes, I suppose that what you say could be true.

    I wonder how well reptiles crossbreed. If they crossbreed very easily, then they should be able to produce unusually large offspring.

    Also, I read/heard that reptiles never really stop growing. Emanuel Lewis is supposed to be growing still. Fish seem to be limited by their environments [at least that is the way it is with some types of pet fish].

    If all of these things are true, then it is possible, that the bigger dinosaurs were born into existence after the 7 days of creation.

  3. i think human noses don't stop growing either. haha!

    noah only loaded land and sky animals -- fish/etc obviously remained in the water.

    some flood-denying scientists assert that dinosaurs were land animals, but i can't imagine the brutish-sized ones even being able to move or breathe unless they were in water.

    i wish scientists were truly objective and more open-minded when researching fossils. the bias and presuppositions of those of the a-theist religion rob their scientific heads because they need to protect their hundreds-of-millions-of-years theory. they only look at evidence in the light of what they already assert -- they would cancel as "error" any contrary findings.

    richard dawkin's personal philosophy is at stake if any research that considers the possibility of dinosaurs living within the past ten million years were taken seriously.

    he's a very bad scientist; he presumes to be a philosopher while his degree is in zoology. he doesn't get it that science is the study of particulars and specifics. wild philosophies about origins and purpose can never come out of scientific study.

    if this world is around in 50 years, science will be very embarrassed of dawkins and hitchens.

  4. 1 of my Bible college teachers says that God could have easily put them into hibernation. He put Adam into a deep sleep before removing the rib. Therefore, we can see that God is more than willing to use normal animal capabilities to perform his miracles.

    Also, don't you think that 1 of the dinosaurs described in Job was a brutish dinosaur? It seems like it is a land animal that could have breathed out of water.

    50 years? What makes you think that things aren't going to get worse by then?