Saturday, September 18, 2010

Challenges To Being Grateful

I was on the way home on Tuesday night, and I was touched by a woman's kind gesture to me. At first, I thought that she was the only person who had done anything nice to me, in a long while, but I realized that it is not true. It took me a while to realize that I had forgotten all the good things that my parents and friends did.

Read the remainder of this blog entry for how I intend to be more grateful.

I think that it all has to do with how we can forget that which we are used to. If we do not get constant interruptions, then we do not get a chance to restart the good things that we experience. On the other hand, if we do get a chance to restart experiencing the good things that people will do for us, then it seems like a bigger favour.

Another easy way to be grateful is to just interrupt all the things that they do for you, by doing it yourself. When you get stressed out a little by the extra work, then you'll appreciate the help.

Another easy way to be grateful would be to take time to figure out how much work that others do to help us, and how much it benefits us.

Another easy way to be grateful would be to remember the misconception that people are supposed to do things for us, or that people owe us something. When somebody looks at our body language and then reacts, then it becomes more of a personal gift. When people get into a routine [e.g. cook a meal for us on a regular basis], and do it without looking at us, it can appear that they owe it to us, or are supposed to do it for us.


  1. it is incredible how easily we slip into forgetfulness about these basic things. thank you for sharing.

  2. You're welcome, Paul. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate participation. I find it very supportive.