Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grecian Formula Update [end of week 2]

Read the blog entry for the results of my second week of using Grecian Formula 16. I was not happy about the results.

I washed my hair again, and I am not happy. The instructions specifically say to wash our hair only once per week, if possible. After I washed my hair, the colour washed out, again. It seems that I endured all of that, for no reason, twice.

Since I still have some left, I am just going to put some on, and wash my hair, as I usually do. I am not going to alter my routines anymore.

I did notice a significant change after the first 3 days of this week. It was especially noticeable before the shower. I was impressed at how black hair looked on me.

I just went ahead and read some reviews for the product. I guess I must have forgotten to look up reviews, or I must have forgot what I read. I noticed that Grecian Formula was not rated very high, and many people gave it a bad review. I have thick course hair, and I think that Grecian Formula does not work well on that type of hair.

I strongly urge people to stay away from this product.

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